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Captain Afterland

“Captain Afterland” is a standalone series produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment using the modern audio drama form. While it occurs in the Edict Zero story universe, knowledge of the Edict Zero – FIS series will not be required. Captain Afterland is a mixture of science fiction, cyberpunk, adventure, suspense, fantasy, and comedy. Series 1 will be six feature-length episodes, starting with S1E1 – “Stranger Than We Can Apprehend” to be released in mid-February. It will release an episode approximately twice a month. More information will become available as we draw closer to the debut. Some additional updates may be found on its twitter page in the meantime.

Captain Afterland features the voice talents of Owen McCuen, Pandora Kew, Jack Kincaid, D.J. Pearlman, Tony Kew, Famous Clark, James Keller, Robert Cudmore, Julie Hoverson, Dayn Leonardson, Austin Beach, Fiona Thraille, Tanja Milojevic, and David Collins-Rivera. It is written and produced by creator Jack Kincaid. Other credits will appear on the Captain Afterland page as episodes are released.

AUDIO TRAILER DOWNLOAD: https://www.archive.org/download/EdictZero/Captain_Afterland_S010_Trailer_1.mp3