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Some of the characters of Edict Zero FIS through Season 4.


(Portrayed by James Keller)

Nick Garrett grew up in the mainland town of Carterwood and is a graduate of Mainland State University, where he earned degrees in psychology, criminology, anthropology, and philosophy. A versatile FIS Special Agent who has worked with many departments, Garrett is best known for his unparalleled successes with cold and unsolved cases, as well as his early work while fresh out of the academy as the FIS’s youngest criminal profiler. He is also well-known for his personality deficits, unprofessional behavior, and difficulty working with others. Prior to his current assignment, he worked in field offices all throughout the five islands, leaving each on a sour note. Weighing his detriments against the benefits of his uncanny instincts and other investigative gifts is the challenge inherited by each new supervisor to whom he is assigned.


(Portrayed by Julie Hoverson)

Raised in northern West Island, Julie “Jewels” Kircher expressed interest in law enforcement from a young age, following a childhood trauma. She spent her college years in South Island at SISU and Grantham University, garnering degrees in criminal justice and developmental psychology. She worked as a crisis counselor with schools and police departments before her acceptance into the FIS Academy for training as a Special Agent. Prior to her current assignment, Agent Kircher built her career in the Violent Crimes Division. She is best known professionally for her successes in child abduction cases and her contributions to the science of profiling serial sex offenders. She worked for years at a Mainland FIS field office in New Westmont, but with that office being decommissioned, she faced imminent reassignment to a Major Offenders squad in HQ. Then the Center City bombing happened, and she was among the many agents invited to work on the responding task force. The invite was rescinded shortly after due to a conflict over an observation she made, but it was that observation which led to the creation of the special unit in which she now works.


(Portrayed by Russell Gold)

Benjamin Zurn is the youngest son of a senator and former South Island governor. Defiant, he refused entry into any of the “platinum league” colleges his father had hand-picked and instead attended the state university in Sterling. There he earned degrees in law and political science (primary discipline : deviant ideologies). A random lecture about intelligence careers inspired him to apply for the FIS Academy, which accepted him into its hungry Counterterrorism Operations Division program. He began his career with two years as an investigative specialist for a counterterrorism unit working out of the Santiago, South Island field office. After that, he worked in various other offices in East Island as both an investigative specialist and an intelligence analyst, and also in North Island with a much-coveted assignment to the London office. A transfer to Trinity, North Island in 2405 began his experience as a covert field agent. Four years later, in 2409, as part of a joint operation with the E-2 Department of Intelligence, Benjamin went deep undercover with an ill-fated conspiracist group and only recently resurfaced.


(Portrayed by Phil Rossi)

Born into a poor and troubled family, Marcus Briggs grew up in Detroit City, East Island, whose mean streets inherited him more than once during the hard years of his childhood. Determined to be everything his parents weren’t, he beat the odds by finishing high school and worked himself through college, acquiring degrees in Criminal Justice and Accounting. He meanwhile enlisted in a local police academy that was desperate for new recruits, being smack-dab in a geographical stronghold of “The East Tri-Don” criminal syndicate. The fearlessness and street instincts that he demonstrated when dealing with Tri-Don street soldiers did not go unnoticed by FIS running operations in the area. Referrals landed him in the FIS Academy. So began his career as a special agent in the Organized Crime Division, whose opportunities for advancement proved disappointing. After four years of surveillance ops in the mainland, Briggs took a new assignment with Special Agent Jewels Kircher working violent crimes. A year later in 2410, he returned to organized crime and to home state East Island. He worked out of Bay City and then out of New Chicago under the ambitious SAC Paul Wakeman, who became the spear-head of the Center City Bombing task force. It is from this situation and a request for help from his former partner Special Agent Kircher that he arrived at his current assignment.


(Portrayed by Tanja Milojevic)

Her birthplace is listed as Edessa, North Island. Beyond that, little information exists on record about Kora Reznik’s early years. She was a star athlete in college at NISU Northeast. There she obtained a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, while pursuing other interests such as fencing, martial arts, and marksmanship in simulation ranges. She became a gun enthusiast during her years as a police officer in Alexandria, NI. She was twice rejected by the highly competitive FIS tactical program, but readily accepted into the academy. She worked for more than a year as a technical analyst before acceptance into the FIST program at the Marcellus tactical training grounds in the mainland. Her first assignment entailed being a substitute operator for Primary Tactical Unit 10 and as an on-call field support agent for assets in Moscow, NI. A transfer to East Island landed her in TU-7, in which she excelled to commander. This ended in 2413 when she left the tactical division over a tragic event for which she felt responsible. After considering leaving the FIS altogether, she returned to technical work. Her present assignment, as the special unit’s technical analyst, came directly from Assistant Director Alan Dockstader.


(Portrayed by Jack Kincaid)

Reporting to the Director and Deputy Director of the F-I-S at its main headquarters in Capitol City, Alan Dockstader is an Assistant-Director-In-Charge of special operations and major cases. Special Unit SIU-415-8 reports to him. His supervisory posts of the past include the organized crime division and the major offenders squad. Prior to joining the F-I-S, Dockstader served in the military for eight years, three of which were in the air force and the other five in the Federal Security Ground Force, where he became known as a ferocious interrogator in a DOS investigative unit. While serving for the DOS, he earned degrees in law and psychology.


(Portrayed by Jack Kincaid)

Born and raised in Carterwood, Mainland, John Bradoch is a life-long friend of Nick Garrett, with whom he entered the F-I-S Academy in 2398. Upon graduation, he immediately entered the FIST program at the training grounds in Marcellus. From there, he excelled quickly in the tactical division. Years as a field operative and volunteer for small SWAT support led to acceptance into Primary Tactical Unit 2, where he operated for four years before his move to Primary Tactical Unit 9. He reached the height of his tactical career in 2412 when he became Commander of TU-9.


(Portrayed by Jack Kincaid)

Known only as “The Ambassador”, he is the highest ranking diplomat representing Edict 1 on The Five Islands. “The Word of Edict 1”, the ambassador acts as a liaison between Edict 1 and the E-2 Federal Government, overseeing all dealings and administering E-1’s elective services. Governing all diplomatically-immune embassy properties and assets, he also acts as a sovereign of Edict 1 law within his sphere of authority. How much power and influence he wields beyond these commonly known parameters is a matter of speculation among Federation officials and conspiracists alike.


(Portrayed by Michael Hudson)

Simon Griever is a clandestine agent for a shady Counterintelligence Division in the E-2 Department of Intelligence. Little is known about Agent Griever. Such is the way of the DOI.


(Portrayed by Fiona Thraille)

Nadia Stowe is an FIS Supervisory Special Agent with extensive field experience derived from a background spanning through several intelligence agencies, including the E-2 Department of Intelligence. Meanwhile, she serves as a clandestine agent for the Embassy of Edict 1 for special interagency operations with the other edicts.


(Portrayed by Matthew McLean)

Seth Warren is an Edict 1 embassy operative. Promoted to a Field Operations Chief, he answers directly to the ambassador.


(Portrayed by Jennifer Dixon)

Known only as “Agent Berlin”, she is a high-ranking Edict 1 embassy operative who often works in the field alongside Seth Warren and the Ambassador.




(Portrayed by Jack Kincaid)

Otherwise known as “Captain Socrates” and his Edict 1 Error Reference Code of 93-Q-42, he is the last known understudy entity in Edict Zero. Initiated into service in the year 2277, “The Captain” malfunctioned by carrying the memories and personality structures of each of his quondams of whom he is an amalgam. Those quondams include but aren’t limited to Robert Marlowe Tell (famous actor of stage & film), Oliver Dooley (a failed literary author), Agent Gordon Mitchell (a street grifter turned DOI Agent, turned E-1 Embassy Operative), Captain Julius Lloyd (a Federal Security Naval Captain who went insane), and the latest quondam, Leonard Ainsley Hale, whose body is his current home. The full extent of his corruptions are unknown, but he demonstrates the ability to exploit some of them in dramatic ways.


(Portrayed by Tanja Milojevic)

To the outer world, she is known as Gemma McCade, corporate site manager for The Falkland Technical Service Center in Dunbar, North Island, a subsidiary of the technology giant Zenas Corporation. To the shadow world, she is better known as “Gemini” or under her hacker handle of “CRYPTOPUNK”, a term with increasing usage by hackers who serve The Bishop, the spiritual leader of the False Reality Conpiracists. Her extensive criminal background as a hacker, conspiracist, and grifter is as obscure as her stints as an intelligence operative.

She is the organizer of a secret “Shadow Group” that’s comprised of a handful of like-minded people whose backgrounds and abilities have given them extensive access to the EDZ-6 Network and the world itself at the code level.


(Portrayed by Robert Cudmore)

Known only as “Spoon”, even to those closest to him, and widely believed to be only a legend among hackers, his gifts and insight into Edict Zero enable him to modify the world beyond any known precedent, to say nothing of the modifications to his own entity. He is known to disappear for periods without explanation. Erratic but ingenious, he guards his secrets and techniques, perhaps to make himself indispensable to The Shadow Group, or so Gemini would tell you. Among his many triumphs, he discovered other sandbox simulations on the network, which he can access via a device that he dubbed a “hypergate”. Chiefly a code wizard, his weak area is the virtual hardware required to access the world.


(Portrayed by Chris Barnes)

Also known by his handle of “DoomMaker”, Prime is a hacker, hardware engineer, weaponsmith, and explosives expert, among other things. His name of “Jimmy Prime” might only be legend. He has no CID number. His past is a black hole, save for the occasional allusions to militant conspiracist groups, espionage, and work for unnamed intelligence services. His chief function in The Shadow Group is building the hardware and code modules that the group uses for their activities.


(Portrayed by Caitlin Sneddon)

Called “Quartermistress” by some members of The Shadow Group, Lydia Tait is well-connected and adept at acquiring things, anything from illegal weapons to hard-to-find teas. The most important acquisitions are Edict 1 embassy devices, which Jimmy Prime spends a wealth of time reverse-engineering. A darling of elite social circles, she is also a regional PR Director for the Zenas Corporation, based in The Falkland Technical Service Center in Dunbar, North Island.


(Portrayed by David Collins-Rivera)

His handle of “Troglobyte” is a variant of “Troglodyte”, the late-night hacker cave dweller, although his mentor Spoon is known to call him “Troglo-fyte” to his dismay. His gifts have earned his position as the only apprentice Spoon has ever taken on. Gage Klemens to the rest of the world is your average, ordinary customer service representative for The Falkland Technical Service Center.