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Edict Zero – FIS – EP108 – “Byproducts”

EDICT ZERO – FIS – Season 1
Episode 8 – “Byproducts”



James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Tanja Milojevic, Russell Gold, Glen Hallstrom, Jane Eastman, and Jack Kincaid


Dirwin, Office Manager System________ Jack Kincaid
Janet Cull, Zenas Corporation________ Tanja Milojevic
Nemtex Rep, coworker ________________ Jack Kincaid
The Croaky-Voiced Man _______________ Jack Kincaid
Mister Cook _________________________ James Keller
Melissa Parker ______________________ Tanja Milojevic
Jacob Tonell, Sr. ___________________ Jack Kincaid
Radio voice _________________________ Tanja Milojevic
Senior SSA Roddy Malin ______________ Jack Kincaid
TD Academy Trainer, SA Carrie Darr __ Jane Eastman
Shooting Range security desk ________ Tanja Milojevic
Trainee & others ____________________ Jane Eastman
Tactical Commander John Bradoch _____ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Marcus Briggs _________ Phil Rossi
Special Agent Kora Reznik ___________ Tanja Milojevic
Special Agent Benjamin Zurn _________ Russell Gold
Special Agent Jewels Kircher ________ Julie Hoverson
Special Agent Nick Garrett __________ James Keller
Detective Saxon & other W.I. cops ___ Jack Kincaid
Demetri, conspiracist _______________ Jack Kincaid
Delta, conspiracist _________________ Julie Hoverson
Gretchen, conspiracist ______________ Tanja Milojevic
Framer, conspiracist ________________ Glen Hallstrom
Adam, conspiracist __________________ Jack Kincaid
Nemtex Security Guys & radio voices _ Jack Kincaid


Collective Slipgate Nine Studio Resources, ERH, The Free Sound Project, Nine Inch Nails (remixed multi-track effects and drone derivatives), freesfx.co.uk, selections from the Public Domain & Free Sound Internet Resources.


Nine Inch Nails, Sulatus, Kevin MacLeod, ERH, How To Destroy Angels, Revel 9, and countless selections from Public Domain Internet Resources (including MusOpen and the Internet Archive).


The “Edict Zero – FIS – Theme” tracks and all their derivative mixes–which are interwoven through each episode–are remixes of ’26 Ghosts III’, from the CC-licensed Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. Also, many of the sound effects and special ambiences (i.e. scene headers) heard in Edict Zero – FIS are derived from samples from the hundreds of Nine Inch Nails multitracks made available at remix.nin.com.

Additional attribution:

Introduction: “Dreyma II” by Sulatus.

“The Machine Thinks” & “Lightless Dawn”, by Kevin MacLeod.

Scene 1-B, “Conspiracist Ties” — Music and ambience by Kevin MacLeod.

Scene 1-B contributing ambience to segue, and Scene 1-C “Return to the Vortex Nightclub”, by ERH.

“The Space in Between”, for Scene 1C-1D teleport segue, Instrumental Remix of music by How To Destroy Angels.

Post teleport ambience contributions by ERH.

“Discipline”, by Nine Inch Nails.

Special music appearance: “All I’ve Become” by Revel 9.

Southbound on Anachronus Highway 1, Scene 3, Music and Remixes of Music by Kevin MacLeod.

“Where Do We Go From Here?”, low on radio, by Revel 9.

Zurn Briefs The Unit, Scene 4, music mostly by Kevin MacLeod with ambience contributions by ERH.

“26-A-64”, (Melissa), Piano music by Jack Kincaid with accompaniment of music and ambience by Kevin MacLeod and Nine Inch Nails.

The San Julian Extremist Cell, Lead-in to Scene 5, includes music/ambience by Kevin MacLeod and ERH.

“The Higher Priority of Truth”, conspiracist intros, Scene 5, by Sulatus.

Breaching Nemtex, Scene 7, music mostly by Kevin MacLeod.

F-I-S briefs Police, Scene 8, music mostly by Kevin MacLeod.

Chaos at Nemtex, Scene 9, music mostly by Kevin MacLeod.

Written and produced by Jack Kincaid.

DOWNLOAD: Edict Zero – FIS – EP108 – “Byproducts”

6 responses

  1. YES! I’ve been waiting ever so patiently, and now it’s time! Just finished listening to Ep107 in preparation too. Thanks ever so much for putting this out. Production values are excellent and the characters are truly unforgettable.

    April 9, 2011 at 12:26 am

  2. Thanks! You’re quick. I just released it. Your enthusiasm for the show is awesome. Thanks so much for listening.

    April 9, 2011 at 12:39 am

  3. Peter

    Dear Jack Kincaid,

    I`ve just downloaded
    episode 108 and I`m
    eager to listen to it while
    relaxing in the sun.

    But wouldn`t it be better to shorten the release cycle of the installments?

    Having listened to the FIS episodes several times I`m very familiar with the story.

    However, the current release cycle makes me feel a bit out of sync with the story. It’s like having some difficulty getting in the FIS-mood again.

    If other listeners feel the same way, wouldn`t it be a
    good idea to break these rather
    large episodes into two shorter ones and release them every two weeks?

    I think this would help to be in the FIS mood “all the
    time” 🙂

    Just my two cents!

    Best wishes

    April 9, 2011 at 9:09 am

  4. Hey Peter. I appreciate the feedback immensely. I think the segmented story structure of Season 1 along with the release frequency make the “previously on” recaps all the more important, but didn’t perfectly compensate. I basically concur with your assessment, have for a few episodes now, but it was at odds with, well, let’s call it creative neurosis in that it bothered me artistically to split the eps. There’s but one more episode in Season 1, so there’s no sense in changing form now. I’ll see it through.

    However, I’m going to be handling Season 2 differently (which I touch on in my little status updates on the Slipgate Nine wordpress site) and I think you’ll find it much more accommodating to the sentiments you’ve expressed here. Briefly : shorter, different arcs in more frequent episodes. Yes, probably twice a month.

    Looking forward to the writing of S-2 this summer.

    Meanwhile, bear with me, if you would. Good things in the future.

    Thanks for listening and the good wishes.


    April 9, 2011 at 9:26 am

  5. John Harr

    Hello Jack, and congratulations on a really fine effort. I’ve been listening to science fiction radio drama for fifty years, and frankly did not expect it to reach this level of professionalism and quality in my lifetime. The writing is great, the voice talents wonderful, and the production values outstanding. I tell everyone I know about the show. You and the cast and technicians are doing something truly noteworthy and significant. I look forward to the new season. Again congrats and best wishes. It appears to me that audio scifi is in good hands.

    September 23, 2011 at 3:23 pm

  6. All involved are honored by that great compliment. Thanks so much for listening and I’m glad that you consider the time well-spent! With a little luck, a stroke of magic or two, and continued support from other great talents, I’ll be producing for many years to come and telling stories as life designed me to do! Thank you much!

    September 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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