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Edict Zero – FIS – EP206 – “The Captain’s Understudy (Part 1)”

EDICT ZERO – FIS – Season 2
Episode 6 – “The Captain’s Understudy (Part 1)”



James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Tanja Milojevic, Russell Gold, Jennifer Dixon, and Jack Kincaid


Ambassador __________________________ Jack Kincaid
Captain Socrates & others ___________ Jack Kincaid
Dr. Ethel White, aka Agent Berlin ___ Jennifer Dixon
Dr. William Frayne __________________ Jack Kincaid
Assistant Director Alan Dockstader __ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Marcus Briggs _________ Phil Rossi
Special Agent Nick Garrett __________ James Keller
Special Agent Jewels Kircher ________ Julie Hoverson
Special Agent Kora Reznik ___________ Tanja Milojevic
Special Agent Benjamin Zurn _________ Russell Gold
Verona Seymour-Hale _________________ Tanja Milojevic
Technical Analyst SA Nathan Manks ___ Jack Kincaid


Collective Slipgate Nine Studio Resources, ERH, The Free Sound Project, Nine Inch Nails (remixed multi-track effects and drone derivatives), freesfx.co.uk, selections from the Public Domain & Free Sound Internet Resources.


Nine Inch Nails, Kevin MacLeod, Matthew G. Davidson, How To Destroy Angels, Tom Cusack, ERH, Danosongs.com, and countless selections from Public Domain Internet Resources (including MusOpen and the Internet Archive).


The “Edict Zero – FIS – Theme” tracks and all their derivative mixes–which are interwoven through each episode–are remixes of ’26 Ghosts III’, from the CC-licensed Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. Also, many of the sound effects and special ambiences (i.e. scene headers) heard in Edict Zero – FIS are derived from samples from the hundreds of Nine Inch Nails multitracks made available at remix.nin.com.

Additional attribution:

Understudy Initiation in the Year 2277, Prelude Scene, music by Nine Inch Nails.

The Captain Dreams, Scene 0, Segment 1, includes “Habanera” and other ambience by Kevin MacLeod.

The Death of Oliver Dooley, quasi-flashback, Scene 0, Segment 2, includes:

“36 Ghosts IV” & other fragments, by Nine Inch Nails.

“The Road To Hell” and other fragments, by Kevin MacLeod.

“Plain and Broken” and “Like a Fading Balloon”, by Matthew G. Davidson.

“The Space In Between”, 26 Ghosts III Edict Zero remix, by How To Destroy Angels and Nine Inch Nails.

E-1 Science Services at Harlan Hill, Scene 1, Segment 1, music mostly by Kevin MacLeod.

Interwoven throughout ep: multiple mixes of “The Dire Ambassador” — medley/remix of Hungarian Rhapsody and “34 Ghosts IV” by Nine Inch Nails.

The Nature of the Understudies, Scene 1, Segment 2, includes: “Seventh Seal” and other remixed music by Kevin MacLeod; and “Soundscape 2” by Tom Cusack.

Interwoven throughout ep: “Ghosts of Edict Zero” & “Extended Ballad of Intrigue”, Special Remix of ’26 Ghosts III’ by Nine Inch Nails, and other music by How To Destroy Angels, Natalie Nicole Gilbert, and Jack Kincaid.

Dockstader meets with SIU 415-8, Scene 2, includes special remix of “Dark Times” by Kevin MacLeod.

The Unit at Work in the Office & News from Harlan Hill, Scene 3, almost all music by Kevin MacLeod.

What is Most Suitable?, The Ambassadors, Scene 4, opens with “24 Ghosts III” by Nine Inch Nails, includes “Nine Lies The Heart” by ERH.

On the Road to Harlan Hill, Scene 5, includes “Dark Times” by Kevin MacLeod.

Behavior is Unavoidable, Garrett Questions Verona Seymour-Hale, Scene 6, includes “The Path of The Goblin King” by Kevin MacLeod.

Kircher and Zurn Meet with Doctor Frayne, Scene 7, opens with “The Experiment” by Danosongs.com. Almost all other music by Kevin MacLeod.

A Secret Wonder, Scene 8, includes “Head Down” from The Slip by Nine Inch Nails.

Written and produced by Jack Kincaid.

DOWNLOAD: Edict Zero – FIS – EP206 – “The Captain’s Understudy (I)”

6 responses

  1. Peter

    Hey Jack,

    I just wanted to drop you some lines: As always a high quality episode – and the “pan time”, well, it really made my day yesterday! What a pleasure to listen to “The Captain” again.

    I hope you`ve given up the idea of closing the “audio drama talk forum” of Edict O because I really like to continue our forum discussion. But, at the moment, I´m very busy. I think I`ll have to wait until summer before I`m able to resume the discussion (Btw: I`ve come up with some strange relationship between the concepts of “essentialism” and “simulated reality” that I wanted to discuss with you guys) .

    Again: excellent job!

    Have a nice time and a la prochaine


    May 16, 2012 at 3:15 pm

  2. Hey Peter! I’ll keep the forum open and I know all about being busy 🙂 Appear when it’s suitable. Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. I expect you’ll like the next one more. It’s a hunch.



    May 17, 2012 at 6:10 am

    • PB

      Hey Jack,

      yes, I´ll get back to the forum as soon as my time budget allows me to do so. I still have some of Lothar`s questions to answer, and I´ve got some questions to ask myself, too.

      I`m really looking forward to part 2 because “pan time is always big time”.
      It would be cool if I could hit my computer with a frying pan every now and then, too – just to determine “its” note 🙂


      May 17, 2012 at 8:53 am

  3. Did you ever discover your computer’s note? I’m not sure how I missed reply to this comment, but I hope we’ll have your ears back once Season 3 starts up. As for the forum, I have trouble finding the time too. I have my own time budget at this point (between work, other work, and then other work 😉 ) I require clones. I’d replicate and give them numbers, as the ambassador did, if I could…

    November 30, 2012 at 1:38 am

    • PeterB

      Hey Jack,

      nice to hear from you! I hope everything’s going well (didn´t you move to NYC?).

      I`m really looking forward to Season 3 of Edict Zero. I even wanted to listen again to Seasons 1 & 2 between Christmas and New Year to get into a “distorted reality and paranoia”-mood 🙂

      As for the audio drama talk forum, I simply don`t have the time right now for online
      activities (blogging, participating in forums, etc.) because I´m involved in multiple IT projects. And after 10-12 h working days filled with programming, designing, researching online, etc. I don`t want to see any “screens” any more: no computers, no TV, no cell phones, etc.

      Nevertheless, I hope we can continue some of our discussions in 2013. So, please, don`t close the Edict Zero-forum because I still think it’s a cool thing to have!

      Anyway, I wish you all the best – and don`t forget to relax, too (“To be the best by being obsessed” may be true. But such an attitude can ruin one`s health in the long run)!


      November 30, 2012 at 12:36 pm

  4. I plan to keep the forum there, and, ah, my old catch phrase “I’m at my best when I’m obsessed.” 😉 I didn’t move to NYC, but across the state in Western New York, near Lake Erie. It’s going well, thanks!

    December 3, 2012 at 12:56 am

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