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Edict Zero – FIS – EP501 – “Everything Changes (III)”


EDICT ZERO – FIS – Season 5
Episode 1 – “Everything Changes (III)”



James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Tanja Milojevic, Russell Gold, Robert Cudmore, Chris Barnes, Jennifer Dixon, David Collins-Rivera, Caitlin Sneddon, Fiona Thraille, Michael Hudson, Sarah Golding, Dayn Leonardson, Owen McCuen, Austin Beach, Corey McCrea, Bill Walsh, Tracy-Lea Cudmore, Steve Schneider, Stefan Rudnicki, and Jack Kincaid.


Special Agent John Bradoch __________ Jack Kincaid
Carterwood Ray & Others _____________ Jack Kincaid
Tavern Clientele ____________________ James Keller
_____________________________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Kora Reznik ___________ Tanja Milojevic
Prison Guard 1 ______________________ Owen McCuen
Prison Guard 2 / Marshals ___________ Jack Kincaid
Voss ________________________________ Steven Schneider
Deputy Warden _______________________ Austin Beach
Unnamed Counter-E1 DOI Agent ________ Jack Kincaid
DOI Agent Simon Griever _____________ Michael Hudson
Assistant Director Dockstader _______ Jack Kincaid
Admin Seraph ________________________ Sarah Golding
Admin Dolos _________________________ Bill Walsh
Admin Corbit ________________________ Jack Kincaid
Admin Tobias ________________________ Dayn Leonardson
Admin Vega __________________________ Tracy-Lea Cudmore
Admin Priam _________________________ Stefan Rudnicki
Ted Shipton _________________________ Robert Cudmore
Special Agent Marcus Briggs _________ Phil Rossi
Louis – Shipton Crew ________________ Austin Beach
Monty – Shipton Crew ________________ Owen McCuen
Ethan – Shipton Crew ________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Benjamin Zurn _________ Russell Gold
Special Agent Jewels Kircher ________ Julie Hoverson
Joey Glascow (news footage) _________ Corey McCrea
NBS News Reporter (news footage) ____ Pandora Kew
News Anchor _________________________ David Collins-Rivera
Doctor James Garty __________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Paul Wakeman __________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Nadia Stowe ___________ Fiona Thraille
Embassy Agent Berlin ________________ Jennifer Dixon
Ambassadors _________________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Nick Garrett __________ James Keller
Jimmy “Doommaker” Prime _____________ Chris Barnes
Spoon _______________________________ Robert Cudmore
Gage “Troglobyte” Klemens ___________ David Collins-Rivera
Lydia “Quartermistress” Tait ________ Caitlin Sneddon
Misc Valdon Training Grounds ________ Jack Kincaid


Collective Slipgate Nine Studio Resources, ERH, The Free Sound Project, Nine Inch Nails (remixed multi-track effects and drone derivatives), freesfx.co.uk (gr8sfx, robbridget, mckinney), selections from the Public Domain & Free Sound Internet Resources.


Revel 9, Below The Sun, Nine Inch Nails, Get Ghost, Kevin MacLeod, machinimasound.com, ERH, How To Destroy Angels, Sulatus, Uuriter, Danosongs.com, Sergey Cheremisinov, Lee Maddeford, Damiano Baldoni, Kai Engel, In Closing, Tom Cusack, Jason Shaw, and machinimasound.com.


The “Edict Zero – FIS – Theme” tracks and all their derivative mixes–which are interwoven through each episode–are remixes of ’26 Ghosts III’, from “Ghosts I-IV” by Nine Inch Nails. Also, many of the sound effects and special ambiences (i.e. scene headers) heard in Edict Zero – FIS are also derived from the work of Nine Inch Nails.

Additional attribution:

The Sleeping Pioneer, Opening Scene, includes music/ambience by machinimasound.com and ERH.

Bradoch Goes to Carterwood, Scene 1, includes music by machinimasound.com and Kevin MacLeod. Features the songs: “Invisible” by Revel 9 and “Dada” by Get Ghost.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, Scene 2, includes music by Nine Inch Nails .

It’s Done, Scene 3, includes music by Kevin MacLeod.

A Wilderness of Happenings, Griever and Dockstader, Scene 4, includes music by Craig Jacks, Sulatus, Kai Engel, and Damiano Baldoni.

Hypnos, The Sixth island, Scene 5, includes music by Damiano Baldoni, machinimasound.com, Sulatus, Danosongs.com, and Kevin MacLeod.

Where the Scar Came From, Scene 6, includes music/ambience by Kevin MacLeod and ERH.

Doctor Garty Knocks Himself Out, Scene 7, includes music by Kai Engel and Kevin MacLeod.

Counterbalance, Scene 8, includes music by Kevin MacLeod.

Another Day in Paradise at the HQ, Scene 9, includes music by Kevin MacLeod.

Bottled in Inverness, Scene 10, includes music by Damiano Baldoni, Kevin MacLeod, and Fear of None.

Investigating the Shadow Group, Scene 11, includes music by Below The Sun, Sergey Cheremisinov, ERH, Kevin MacLeod, and machinimasound.com.

Saving the World Again, Scene 12, includes music by Tom Cusack, Damiano Baldoni, Kevin MacLeod, Sergey Cheremisinov, machinimasound.com, and ERH.

Motives of a Spoon, Scene 13, includes machinimasound.com, ERH, Damiano Baldoni, and Kevin MacLeod.

Schematics, Scene 14, includes music by Damiano Baldoni.

Profile of a Quartermistress, Scene 15, includes music by Jason Shaw.

Gage Finds His Tribe, Scene 16, includes music by Kevin MacLeod.

Choosing Sides, Scene 17, includes music/ambience by Kevin MacLeod, Nine Inch Nails, and ERH.

Arms, Scene 18, includes music by Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels, Natalie Nicole Gilbert, and Sulatus.

Dissent, Scene 19, includes music by Phil Rossi, machinimasound.com, Craig Jacks, Kevin MacLeod, Nine Inch Nails, Uuriter, Natalie Nicole Gilbert, and ERH.

Who We Are, Scene 20, includes music by Natalie Nicole Gilbert and Kevin MacLeod. Features “If Nothing Changes” by In Closing.

What The Admins Did, Scene 21, includes music by Damiano Baldoni.

Connections on the Beach, Scene 22, includes music by Lee Maddeford.

Spoon Does A Thing, Scene 23, includes music/ambience by ERH, Kevin MacLeod, Damiano Baldoni, and machinimasound.com.

2118, Scene 24, includes music by Damiano Baldoni.

At Long Last, Scene 25, includes music by Damiano Baldoni and Nine Inch Nails.

Outro, Scene 29: “The Good Fight” by Revel 9.

Written and produced by Jack Kincaid.

DOWNLOAD: Edict Zero – FIS – EP501 – “Everything Changes (III)”











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