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Edict Zero – FIS – EP603 – “Ante Bellum”

EDICT ZERO – FIS – Season 6
Episode 3 – “Ante Bellum”



James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Russell Gold, Tanja Milojevic, Fiona Thraille, Robert Cudmore, Chris Barnes, Bill Walsh, David Collins-Rivera, Pandora Kew, C. Edward Reed, and Jack Kincaid.


Ambassadors _________________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Nick Garrett __________ James Keller
Oneida Epperson _____________________ Pandora Kew
“Dolos” _____________________________ Bill Walsh
The Captain _________________________ Jack Kincaid
Spoon _______________________________ Robert Cudmore
Misc voices and soldiers ____________ Jack Kincaid
_____________________________________ Tanja Milojevic
_____________________________________ David Collins-Rivera
Gibgoblin Entities __________________ James Keller
Assistant Director Alan Dockstader __ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Marcus Briggs _________ Phil Rossi
Special Agent Nadia Stowe ___________ Fiona Thraille
Special Agent Jewels Kircher ________ Julie Hoverson
Protesters __________________________ David Collins-Rivera
Capitol City Cop ____________________ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Benjamin Zurn _________ Russell Gold
Gemini “Cryptopunk” McCade __________ Tanja Milojevic
Jimmy “Doommaker” Prime _____________ Chris Barnes
Gage “Troglobyte” Klemens ___________ David Collins-Rivera
Unit Chief Kora Reznik ______________ Tanja Milojevic
Special Agent John Bradoch __________ Jack Kincaid
Blackwell ___________________________ C. Edward Reed


Collective Slipgate Nine Studio Resources, ERH, The Free Sound Project, Nine Inch Nails (remixed multi-track effects and drone derivatives), freesfx.co.uk (gr8sfx, robbridget, mckinney), selections from the Public Domain & Free Sound Internet Resources.


Nine Inch Nails, Adrian von Ziegler, Kevin MacLeod, Misha Dioxin, Damiano Baldoni, Dreambeaches, Revel 9, Kai Engel, ERH, machinimasound.com, Craig Jacks, Jason Shaw, Sulatus


The “Edict Zero – FIS – Theme” tracks and all their derivative mixes–which are interwoven through each episode–are remixes of ’26 Ghosts III’, from “Ghosts I-IV” by Nine Inch Nails. Also, many of the sound effects and special ambiences (i.e. scene headers) heard in Edict Zero – FIS are also derived from the work of Nine Inch Nails.

Additional attribution:

Opening Sequence:

Opening Scenes (Captains and Uber Fine Spoons, ECE in Hastings, Dockstader Decides), music and ambience by Jason Shaw, Kevin MacLeod, Nine Inch Nails, Kai Engel, Misha Dioxin, Craig Jacks, and Jack Kincaid.

The World is on Fire Stuff, Scene 1, includes music and ambience by Sulatus, ERH, and Dreambeaches.

Unrest in Capitol City, Scene 2, includes music by Dreambeaches, Kevin MacLeod, Sulatus, and ERH.

Before the Meeting, SIU-415-8, Scene 3, includes music & ambience by Kevin MacLeod and ERH.

Shadow Group at the Artifact Parthenon, Scene 4, includes music & ambience by ERH, Kevin MacLeod, Craig Jacks, Damiano Baldoni, Adrian von Ziegler.

Operation: Horizon and the Big Leagues, Meeting with Dockstader, Scene 5, includes music & ambience by ERH, Machinimasound.com, Kevin MacLeod, and Nine Inch Nails.

Captain Problems, Shadow Group, Scene 6, includes music & ambience by Kevin MacLeod, ERH, Nine Inch Nails.

Disclosure Logistics, Scene 7, includes music & ambience by ERH, Machinimasound.com, Kevin MacLeod, Nine Inch Nails, and How To Destroy Angels.

FOC Reznik, Scene 8, music & ambience by Nine Inch Nails, ERH, and Machinimasound.com.

So Far From Where This All Began, Bradoch Finds a Path, Scene 9, features “The Good Fight” by Revel9.

“2136”, Shadow Group, Scene 10, includes music & ambience by Kevin MacLeod, ERH, Nine Inch Nails.

“I Still Have to Say It”, Scene 11, includes music and ambience by Adrian von Ziegler, Damiano Baldoni, and Nine Inch Nails.

Written and produced by Jack Kincaid.

DOWNLOAD: Edict Zero – FIS – EP603 – “Ante Bellum”

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